Lighting is one of the design elements of stores, restaurants and other businesses that can affect consumers, customers, and even employees. Combined with other elements of the atmosphere, such as the scent of the space, the temperature, the music, etc., it has the potential to play an important role, even change the feelings and decisions of the visitors.


Businesses can use this knowledge to tempt, encourage and direct the mood and the consumers’ behaviour. On the other hand, consumers can become more aware of their influences and be able to evaluate their choices more carefully, avoiding later remorse and the stress of returns.

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Very few homes follow the decorative trends of every year, because most people think that this requires radical changes and high costs such as changing floors, cabinets and the whole furnishing. Of course this is not the case, on the contrary it may seem like a lack of personality or that we are trying too much to be in fashion. The update of our home requires very small changes, adding some accessories and applying the new trends in a very gentle way that will highlight the space. The point is to live in rooms of our own personal style, where the new modern trends are incorporated to our existing decoration, and not copy a design magazine photo.


Some of the new trends of 2019 that can inspire you to renew your home are the following:

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As we grow older, changes in our body make their presence even more noticeable. Especially common are the difficulties in vision. Already after the age of 40, we are slowly starting to have difficulty in reading the small fonts, and the light may dazzle us more than ever before. The important thing is that with small and easy changes, we can adapt lighting to our new needs and keep our daily lives in the same comfort level.


What exactly happens to our eyes over time?


• The lens of the eye becomes rigid and we have difficulty focusing on objects that are within close range. The light entering the eye decreases and the sharpness of the colors is affected, so we can see fewer shades.

• The cornea expands and becomes more opaque, reducing the diffusion of light into the eye. As a result, we feel our eyes are more sensitive to glare and need more time to adapt from light to darkness and vice versa.

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For the lighting of offices, we usually focus on one need and overlook many other aspects of lighting design. In order to provide your employees with the kind of lighting they need throughout the day, you should consider the use of each room and choose the light sources accordingly. For example:


  • For a creative space where you brainstorm, write, or design: Hot dimmer lighting can enhance the creativity of your employees.

  • For a creative space where you do a graphic design or work with colors and color combinations: Prefer high-color (CRI) light bulbs for better color accuracy.

  • For a space where the staff takes a break and eats and relaxes: Select an intermediate light color (4000 - 5000o K), called daylight, which is more relaxing.

  • For a workplace that requires concentration: Very bright white lighting helps employees to stay alert

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Whether we believe in FengShui theory or not, we all have found ourselves in some places where something non-specific bothers us, while we have been in other places where we have particularly relaxed or have been inspired.


Decorating a space greatly affects how energy flows and thus affects the mood of residents and visitors. In this energy balance, lighting plays a leading role and prepares us instantly and instinctively positively or negatively.


Below are some simple tips to illuminate your spaces so that you have a calm and optimistic mood.


  • Light up the entrances well

Make sure the entrance to your home or office is well lit. A luminaire on one of the two sides of the front door is an ideal choice to enter the area with a positive predisposition. No one feels confident and peaceful when they have to take the first step in a dark place.

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Classical lighting is a category quite misunderstood nowadays. This is because anyone arbitrarily defines the notion of classical, and as a result the consumer does not have a clear picture of a classic luminaire. Psarrakos SA became famous for its classical lighting fixtures, although over time the trends of each season brought to our design and production other lighting fixtures.


Classical lighting fixtures are those luminaires that have been on the market from the 1970s to the 1990s. However, the date is not a criterion for defining them. They usually have a particular structure, that is, a center, a trunk and peripheral arms. They are usually made of cast brass, of course it is not necessary.

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The lighting of a room seems quite easy: Connect a lamp, turn a switch, and voilà! What was once dark now is bright. But some mistakes can make you feel uncomfortable in one place. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid:



1. You do not consider the layers of light. 

It seems quite easy to install some luminaires in a room and make it bright, but this strategy will eventually disappoint you.

House owners tend to light the rooms as we light a room for a conference - excessive light, says Robert Gross, architect at Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design. This does not add warmth or character to a room.

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Many have been said and more will be said, Chinese lights are here and live among us! It is true that 85% of the luminaires that are sold in Greece come from China. 10% are luminaires from other countries, mainly European but also from India, and only 5% are Greek lighting fixtures.

So you can easily understand that the quality of the luminaires (rather than the appearance) is relatively low.

The Chinese luminaires are so widespread in our country, making it very difficult to find a luminaire made in our country.

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A particular category of lighting fixtures are luminaires made of wire. In recent years, we have seen many companies in the lighting industry manufacture such designs. Here are some of our products to show what we are saying:



The dimensions and shapes of the luminaires vary, as well as the dye colors, although most of them are usually in black color that fits in most spaces.


These luminaires are usually seen as pendants with one light, but they can also be placed together to create a larger luminaire.



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We could say that architectural lighting is not a specific and particular kind of lighting, as its principles are the ones we use to illuminate any space. It is not the lighting that concerns only the architects but all those who are involved once in their life with the illumination of a space.

The aim of architectural lighting is to showcase in some space its size, its materials, its shape, its colors, its texture, the atmosphere it exudes. Generally to highlight all the features of the space, no matter what these are. Although we can say a lot about architectural lighting, in this article we will refer to the categories of lighting fixtures and more generally the common light sources we use.

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