Classical lighting is a category quite misunderstood nowadays. This is because anyone arbitrarily defines the notion of classical, and as a result the consumer does not have a clear picture of a classic luminaire. Psarrakos SA became famous for its classical lighting fixtures, although over time the trends of each season brought to our design and production other lighting fixtures.


Classical lighting fixtures are those luminaires that have been on the market from the 1970s to the 1990s. However, the date is not a criterion for defining them. They usually have a particular structure, that is, a center, a trunk and peripheral arms. They are usually made of cast brass, of course it is not necessary.

Mostly they have E14 lamps, candle. The main shades of the classic luminaires are golden glossy, golden-matte and acidified. We could say that classical luminaires are divided into 2 categories, those with glasses and those without. We list photos of both categories:







These four luminaires are a typical example of classic luminaires, cast bronze, with glasses and without glasses.

We should also mention that classical chandeliers are a category on their own and we do not have to categorize them in classical luminaires.

Finally, we can have a look at modern classical lighting, which has the style of the luminaires that we described but also has some additional elements according to the trends of each season, such as the crystals for example. In general, it fits in the same spaces and provides the same style of decoration.


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