Whether we believe in FengShui theory or not, we all have found ourselves in some places where something non-specific bothers us, while we have been in other places where we have particularly relaxed or have been inspired.


Decorating a space greatly affects how energy flows and thus affects the mood of residents and visitors. In this energy balance, lighting plays a leading role and prepares us instantly and instinctively positively or negatively.


Below are some simple tips to illuminate your spaces so that you have a calm and optimistic mood.


  • Light up the entrances well

Make sure the entrance to your home or office is well lit. A luminaire on one of the two sides of the front door is an ideal choice to enter the area with a positive predisposition. No one feels confident and peaceful when they have to take the first step in a dark place.




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  •  Install multiple luminaires in the same room

  The light makes us hopeful, while the shadows subconsciously makes us sad and create an indescribable anxiety. A central lamp in the middle of a room will leave the entire perimeter of the room in the shade or in the dim light. It is preferable to place a lot of light in our room, such as wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps etc. and to ensure light in every corner. This tactic also gives us the possibility of atmospheric lighting when we want to relax with a lateral, more indirect lighting.



  •  Turn the light up

If you have dark corners in your room or if you feel it tight and it gives you the feeling of choking your energy, try putting wall lamps and turning the light up (uplighting). This technique will give more depth to the space and you will feel more optimistic. Floor lamps, especially those that light up, are also an excellent choice as light illuminates the ceiling and reflects in the room.  



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  •  Select a different luminaire depending on the room 

For each room there is a material that suits better. For example, in bedrooms, you can prefer luminaires that are made of fabric or paper for lighter mood and avoid heavy lights that will subconsciously make you feel their weight when you lie down underneath them.

In places like a home office or a kitchen, where we need to be more active spiritually or physically, metal lamps make us show more energy and power.



  • Adjust the height of the lights properly

Pay particular attention to the height at which your luminaires hang. Avoid low-hanging luminaires on low ceilings, will give you a feeling of insecurity and oppression. Prefer ceiling fit or spots if the ceiling is too low.




  • Prefer warm light

It is important that the lamps we use in the places where we rest are emitting warm light to make the atmosphere warm and calm. The cooler light (> 3000K) gives more energy in the room and it is good to be used individually in certain corners of a room to lighten more intensely only where we read or work.

 You can choose the shades of light depending on the color of the walls (more intense wall color with warmer light and reverse) to balance the total energy emitted by the space.



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  • Play with light intensity

A room with constant bright lighting creates a lot of irritation when we are tired and on the contrary, a room with permanent soft lighting creates melancholy and sluggishness. Find the right balance of light and dark.

In addition to saving money, dimmers that diminish light intensity can help you adjust the lighting to the mood and atmosphere you want at that time.

Especially in the bedroom, which is a space of relaxation, the dimmer is ideal. Prefer the glasses with soft light if you like reading on the bed and avoid putting a lamp just above the bed.



  • Keep in mind the shadows caused by the luminaire itself

Multi-side lighting fixtures make many shades on the ceiling and the walls. See the luminaire that you like enlightened and watch if the light that it emits is more than the shades created by the luminaire itself,  to keep the right balance.



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  • Balance the elements of the decoration

 If you are a fan of FengShui, keep in mind that a room with many wood elements suits better with lots of strong lights. Also consider putting a ceiling light with a fan.






Did you get any ideas? See our lighting collection and do not hesitate to contact us if you want our help to find the ideal solution for better energy in your space.