A new trend in lighting is for sure the luminaires made of natural materials. Some of these materials are reed and rattan. They are two natural materials that have many application possibilities in lighting.


The fact that they are natural materials found in nature and that we use them without any process, makes the effect of their lighting quite familiar to humans. These materials can be found in various shades, and they are ideal in light colors. This is because the lighter their color is, the better is the lighting we get as a final result.

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At every event that we organize, we know how important it is to choose the right decoration, and in general the whole set up of the venue so that our event is successful. Also, regarding lighting, we select event lights such as headlights, strobe light, disco balls, etc. But what most people forget to consider is decorative lighting. It is something that most of the time is missing from the events so we do not impress as much as we could with our lighting.

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The lights in a house change the style of each room and our mood inside it. They also help us sense better the size of the room. The fitting and the type of fixtures are important aspects of interior design, and their choice is made in combination with color options, room size, natural light availability and choice of furniture. When all of these combined together and we achieve the right lighting, then the room will have an indelible combination of functionality and style.


Color management
Using proper lighting can add or remove

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Floor lamps ... Perhaps the luminaires we give less importance to a space while we should not.

Floor lamps have many roles. The primary and essential role is to naturally illuminate some space, but their "job" does not stop there. They play a very important role in decorating our space, since they can easily decorate it without having to match something else in this space. The floor lamps, as lighting fittings, function independently in the decoration of our space. It's not like the furniture and the curtains that we have to match with all the decoration of the space. So it is enough to have an impressive floor lamp to highlight our space.

Another important element of floor lamps is that their placement at one point is not binding as we can move them to anywhere in the room we want depending on where we need lighting or atmosphere creation.

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Lighting in a dining space is always a challenge for us. As one easily observes by looking around the various cafes and clubs, all of these places give a great deal of importance in choosing the lighting solutions for their premises.

Each venue wants to be unique, and the choice of lighting can make it stand out as much as possible. In Psarrakos Lighitng, each venue is treated with the same care and attention, whether it is a very large hotel on a cosmopolitan island or a very small café in a provincial city. In consultation with the interior designer, we decide on the style of the venue and therefore we chose the appropriate lighting solution.

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The "bell" lights are mostly 1light pendants made of metal in various shapes and sizes. Their applications are too many, since we can place them in almost every space. They can decorate a small bedroom or a hall but they can also compose a big lighting installation with lots of pieces for the lobby of a hotel.


The designs can be countless. As for sizes, they start from 10cm diameter and can reach 1m. Color is also important in the final result for a lighting bell. We usually choose bright colors such as red, black, brown rust, yellow and other. But it's also very fashionable to let a bare bell stand out in the natural color of its metal, especially when it's made of aluminum. It has a shade of silver mat with some water in it and it gives an industrial style.

One of the advantages of choosing a lighting bell for our space is that we can not limit it to a single shape

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Cement has entered for good in lighting industry and seems to be a trend that has come to stay. More and more companies in the field of lighting have begun to manufacture luminaires with cement as raw material.


Cement as a material, definitely gives us an industrial result in lighting, and depending on its color and processing, sometimes it can also have a more pop style. While one would think that concrete luminaires are almost exclusively limited to monochromatic constructions, the imagination of our designers is always surprising and gives us impressive designs. The advancement of technology in the use and shaping of cement has certainly helped, since it can now be made in thin thicknesses, colored in a variety of colors and has a very low weight compared to what we would reasonably expect to have a cement luminaire.

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Industrial lighting. Is it a new trend that has come to stay or something temporary? A fashion of the season or the trend for the coming years?


Initially we should define what is industrial lighting and industrial luminaires in general. That is, lights that we would meet in factories, workshops and other industrial sites. They are usually made of iron and usually without some extra paint. If we search the internet for industrial luminaires we will find many luminaires, we would see that they are not limited to the above description.

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Lighting a space is not a simple matter. It is not enough for a space to be simply "enlightened", it must be illuminated by certain light sources in a specific way and with a certain intensity of light.

Each space has its own lighting needs and its own peculiarities. Let's look at some criteria for lighting each room in a home.


-Living room
The living room is the most basic space in a home in terms of lighting. It is the space that we accept all the guests, the one who gives the mark for the lighting of the whole house and the space with the greatest need of lighting.

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1) They require much less energy to operate.

2) They consume 80% less energy than incandescent lamps.

3) They contain no harmful substances for the environment.

4) Using LEDs to illuminate cars has been shown to help reduce the risk of accidents by 15%.

5) Because they produce a cool light, LEDs can be ideal for plant growth.

6) LED lights are available in a number of different colors and shades that can determine the style and atmosphere you desire in a space.

7) LEDs do not produce light pollution.

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