Many have been said and more will be said, Chinese lights are here and live among us! It is true that 85% of the luminaires that are sold in Greece come from China. 10% are luminaires from other countries, mainly European but also from India, and only 5% are Greek lighting fixtures.

So you can easily understand that the quality of the luminaires (rather than the appearance) is relatively low.

The Chinese luminaires are so widespread in our country, making it very difficult to find a luminaire made in our country.

But even if we want to find a Greek luminaire to buy, we can not be sure that we actually support the local market because the misinformation of the audience from the retailers is an issue. Many Chinese luminaires are sold in our country as Greek or European.

Before going further, we should also answer the question why we should avoid Chinese luminaires.

The Chinese luminaires are mostly made of iron and cables and lugs that are of medium quality or even dangerous. So the consumer sees a nice luminaire with a nice design, but this fixture in 2-3 years will ruin and burn the lamps. Without saying that the Chinese have not upgraded the quality of their luminaires, the majority of the lightings imported in our country are of modest quality because retailers choose to import the cheaper ones in order to have more profits.

Some basic features to look for in terms of quality of the fixtures are as follows. You should always ask what kind of metal are the luminaires of and you should avoid iron and prefer brass instead. Here we have to say that we should not be confused with the color of the luminaire. A lot of people when they hear brass, they expect to see a bronze luminaire. The bronze can be painted in the shade we want, chrome, gold, nickel-mat, etc.

Another key element is the wiring of our luminaire. We always ask the wiring to be with teflon wires, which have the best quality and durability than the rest so that the lamps will not be burnt.

Lastly, remember that when buying a Greek luminaire, you are strengthening the Greek lighting industry to continue to produce good quality lighting fixtures in our country.