Lighting is one of the design elements of stores, restaurants and other businesses that can affect consumers, customers, and even employees. Combined with other elements of the atmosphere, such as the scent of the space, the temperature, the music, etc., it has the potential to play an important role, even change the feelings and decisions of the visitors.


Businesses can use this knowledge to tempt, encourage and direct the mood and the consumers’ behaviour. On the other hand, consumers can become more aware of their influences and be able to evaluate their choices more carefully, avoiding later remorse and the stress of returns.



The effect of lighting

Numerous studies have shown that lighting has the power to encourage or discourage productivity, creativity, open-minded thinking and perception. It can also affect the taste of our food.


In the dark, we feel less connected with others, so we put less weight on what others think and we act on our authentic desires. This means that at low-levels light, our choices are based mainly on our core instincts, not on our high values.


Instead, the bright lighting inspires more practical shopping options. Very bright lighting can create intense emotional situations that lead buyers to buy items more impulsively. This is why we usually see very bright lighting in the queues of the cashiers, where shoppers usually place items of impulsive purchases.


In summary, we can say:


 1) Low light

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The atmosphere:

- creates impulsive behaviours, searching for satisfaction

- encourages larger, more expensive, more frivolous purchases

- is cozy and familiar


The visitors:

- feel more authentic and more creative

- relax and calm

- are moving at a slower pace



- give the impression of very high quality, luxury, expensive

- in the case of a restaurant, the food portions seem to be smaller


Suitable for:

- dessert sections

- high-quality and fine dining restaurants

- luxury retail shops

- creative spaces

- return desks


 2) Bright lighting

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The atmosphere:

- inspires more productive working habits

- encourages practical purchases

- makes a place seem more spacious


The visitors:

- handle and try more products

- make careful purchases

- are influenced by the opinions of sellers and other customers


Products give the impression of:

- high quality and low cost

- natural and healthy


Suitable for:

- shops or restaurants with healthy food products

- bargain sections / discount products

- shops selling "practical" products, such as home or office equipment

- offices

- cashiers


If your retail shop or eatery business should have bright or low light, it depends on the product or service you offer and the goals you have for your corporate identity and the experience you want your visitors and your employees to have in your place.


Entrepreneurs can take advantage of all levels of lighting using dimmers that diminish the intensity of lighting and observe the impact on the behaviour of their customers or consumers.