Very few homes follow the decorative trends of every year, because most people think that this requires radical changes and high costs such as changing floors, cabinets and the whole furnishing. Of course this is not the case, on the contrary it may seem like a lack of personality or that we are trying too much to be in fashion. The update of our home requires very small changes, adding some accessories and applying the new trends in a very gentle way that will highlight the space. The point is to live in rooms of our own personal style, where the new modern trends are incorporated to our existing decoration, and not copy a design magazine photo.


Some of the new trends of 2019 that can inspire you to renew your home are the following:


Smooth lines

Scandinavian decoration remains a classic and popular trend. You can make small addition to your home with simple objects of fine and clean lines, in light shades. You may look for some geometrical artwork and decorative objects with a very simple design. You may also think of some simple accessories, such as floor lamps or table lamps. Remove anything that is very embellished and highlight the simplest and minimalistic patterns.



Natural materials

Refreshing your decoration can be as simple as changing a painting with a macramé wall hanging. Light-colored wooden, rattan or knit wall decorations will give a lighter tone to the overall style of the room. Furnishings and decorative materials from natural materials have the ability to blend harmoniously the different styles and trends you add to the place. Add wooden elements, ceramics and plants to give a unique style to your home that will relax your eyes and at the same time let the most sophisticated pieces of your décor to shine.



Brass has slowly replaced copper, but not as we remember in the 1980s. The shapes are now much simpler, more industrial and without decorative elements. Bronze matches with the glass in dark and bright colors.



Living Coral

According to the experts of the Pantone Color Institute, Color of the Year 2019 is the Living Coral. Particularly in the summer months, decorative tones of vivid coral will give you a dynamic throughout your home and a refreshing air. Dare to add a set of linen and it will be enough to bring fashion to your bedroom. You can combine it as a color with dark blue or gray fabric so the effect does not seem too girly.