Exclusive collections

We offer fresh ideas and solutions on the design, the study and manufacturing of lighting. Our goal is the best possible lighting result for every project we undertake. Unique design and specialized lighting solutions for the most demanding venues at competitive prices. We design and manufacture lights of any size. We combine ergonomics, simplicity and design innovation using excellent materials.  

Our services specialize also in professional lighting, giving unique architectural and decorative lighting solutions on the right study and application thereof in areas such as: trade shops, hotels, night clubs, coffee shops and restaurants. 


We ensure and provide exclusive collaboration with architects and interior designers, constructing and implementing their own designs and exclusive provision only for them and the needs of their work. Our difference and strength is based on the fact that we design and manufacture our lights within the factory, having them strictly supervised in our production unit.


For retailers and retail shops, we provide the option of designing and manufacturing exclusive collections for them with collective production and line for themselves. 


For more than 50 years, we have been building solid personal and professional relations, by meeting the needs of our customers. Thus, we are always on schedule, without delays and most importantly, without sacrificing the quality of our products.