Lighting & chandelier rental


If you want to add an extra touch of style or glamor to your wedding or event (party, reception, conference, corporate event), take a look at the rental options for our decorative lights and chandeliers. With unique collections for every occasion, we are confident that you will find the style that best suits your special day.

Our lights are available in a large variety of sizes to suit the size of the venue which they will be decorating.

Many of our customers have creative ideas for the decoration of their venue with lighting constructions, such as luminous letters with messages (eg LOVE), curtains made of crystals, hanging lights from trees, hanging light balls, chandelier at the center of the dance floor etc. For more light and summer mood, you can choose from our wide range of rattan light fixtures. The flexibility offered by our specialization in special constructions helps you to transform whatever space you want.

Contact us for more ideas! We would like to enlighten your special moments!